How to eliminate different parts of acne?

It is easy to face the site of oil, so coarse pores large, easy to pile up sebum, and the formation of acne, the solution only to do a good job washing his face and skin-care work, using convergence Toner tapping the face, make facial capillary temporarily narrow hole.


It is easy to oil T-word part of the site, if there is hair before forehead appeared more airtight, it is a breeding ground for the formation of acne. So when grown acne, dial the hair up, do not cover the forehead.


This site is drier, not easy grow acne, if specifically for here add oil, but can cause acne. To moisture, please choose non-oily products.


Should be seen as part of the face, it will not be clean; by rubbing the lotion or cream too much oil, too much, or shampoo residue, dirty bedding infection, may give rise acne.

Around the mouth

Sebum secretion close to a strong chin, and they are also vulnerable to oil. Should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid cosmetics, wash supplies residual dirt.

Back, chest

Is that apart from the face, the sebum secretion of the largest local, easy to cause acne. Take a bath when cotton towel to make soap bubble starting to “bubble” to wash the body and avoid using less wash type of moisturizing soap, or easy to stimulate the skin towel nylon system.


As a result of sebum secretion, airtight, and thus easy to long pimples, it is best to wear cotton or regular clean underwear in order to enhance permeability.

Non-inflammatory acne

Treatment: The key is to eliminate, prevent or reduce the formation of new acne.

Topical treatment of acne are many ways. The main use some medicine cream and cosmetics category. Their main principle is peeling. Containing hormones for a class of foreign agents, do not be available. Because by the light, not on the weight, it will form a severe vicious cycle. Not only didn’t cured, anti-skin patients formed irreparable injury. To cure acne, it is necessary to vary from person to person, due to illness vary, diagnosis and giving of treatment, the right remedy. Learn more about dysport vs botox which is better

Blackhead, whitehead

Recommended composition of vitamin A acid, salicylic acid

Cleansing ingredients avoid goods in order to avoid SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)

Inflamed pustule

Recommended composition of tea tree oil, sulfur agent, triclosan sand vitamin A acid, SLS, including Soap Cleanser.

Inflammatory acne treatment is divided into the following four methods:

① antibiotic therapy.

Such as: tetracycline, erythromycin, lincomycin, such as chlorine, which are most commonly used tetracycline.

② local endarterectomy method.

Such as: salicylic acid, sulfur, acetone, such as frozen and all kinds of tincture.

③ damage inside the injection therapy.

This approach must be professional doctors carried out under the guidance.

④ both inside and outside the joint method.

Commonly used drug of choice for benzene peroxidation formic acid and vitamin’s domestic and foreign joint method.


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